Inventors Helping Inventors

The invention journey can be challenging and lonely.
When you join our membership group you'll gain access to top-tier inventors - trusted resources - tools, tips and tactics. We'll support each other - with the goal that our ideas become wildly successful consumer products!  

We've created a unique inventors' membership group. You're invited to join us now. 

The Inventors Helping Inventors membership group is a place to meet other inventors, connect with trusted resources, and learn from today's most successful inventors.

If you haven't met me, my name is Alan Beckley - inventor of the Wonder Wallet - and the host of the Inventors Helping Inventors weekly podcast.
Inventing is one of the loneliest professions. Most professions have solid foundations, backed by college degrees,  workplace training, professional associations, and more.

None of that exists for inventors - we must 'make it up as we go along' - our training comes the school of trial and error. No wonder less than 5% of inventors profit from their inventions.

But there is good news for inventors - we do have two powerful sources of support,  training and inspiration:

✔️ Other inventors
✔️ Trusted Resource Members to help and guide us

That's precisely why I created the Inventors Helping Inventors podcast in 2019 - to provide support, training, and inspiration for  thousands of inventors around the world. 

In the podcast - I've learned success secrets from over 150 successful inventors worldwide. Now I'm leveraging their expertise to help inventors - through the Inventors Helping Inventors Membership Group (IHI MG).

Now is your chance - to join other mighty inventors - in the IHI MG
By joining the group now you will:

✔️ Lock in the lowest rate we offer - 350/year
 ✔️ Get 2 months for free ($70 savings)
✔️ Collaborate with inventors just like you
✔️ Meet fascinating top-tier inventors 
✔️ Who share their tips, and tricks with our members every month
 ✔️✔️ BONUS - get Two 1-hour coaching meetings FREE
✔️✔️  2 coaching meetings with Alan ($300 value) for FREE

Let's look at what you'll get for only $350/year.

Inventing is a journey - our membership group is structured the same way.

Each month in 2022 the group is dedicated to a theme or topic - aligned with the inventor's journey. 

JAN: Who's Going to Buy My Invention and Why?
 Make sure your product solves a problem customers care about
FEB: What if My Product Already Exists?
How to do a comprehensive product search early

MAR: What Could Go Wrong? Avoiding 'gotcha's'
Avoid liability, too much complexity, high manufacturing costs

APR: Proof of Concept - How to Create a Working Prototype
Converting your idea into a workable product

MAY: Patent Options - Secure & Protect your Invention
PPA's and Utility Patents - Best Practices and Strategies

JUN: Packaging, Shelf Space, Other Retail Logistics
How to make your product enticing and profitable for retailers

JUL: Am I Ready to Build a Business Around my Product?
Venturing logistics: manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, etc. 

AUG: Is Licensing the Right Path to Market for my Product?
How to prepare and present your product for licensing

SEP: QVC/HSN, Kickstarter - and Other Paths to Market
How to assess the benefits, risks, rewards of each option

OCT: How to Position My Product for Success in the Market?
Considering customer perspectives - and alternative products

NOV: I'm not a Marketer. How Do I Pitch My Product?
Creating a concise, compelling 30-second pitch for your product

DEC: Picking Your Prospects: Selecting Licensees & Retailers
Build a list of target marketing prospects - then start marketing! 

Every month in the membership, we will have 2 scheduled events for our members:

1. A successful inventor from the podcast - as our featured guest

2. Office hours - where I answer your Q & As 

Each month, we'll feature a successful inventor from the podcast as our guest in a live, interactive Zoom meeting. 

Our guests will share their stories, successes, and challenges with our members.  

There will be time at the end for Q&As. The meeting will be recorded - so you can watch it later in case you missed it live. 

Also, Alan will host a live, interactive Q & A 'Office Hours' meeting each month - where you can ask him about anything you need help with. 

The Q & A - Office Hours meeting will be recorded - so you can watch it later in case you missed it live. 

All members will have access to two resource lists:

1. Contact information for each member in the group

2. Contact information for our Resource Members

Let's recap everything you will be getting in the membership group.

IHI Membership Group Resources

The Inventors Helping Inventors membership group
 contains all of the following elements:

✔️ Monthly themes to guide discussion
Aligned with the inventor's journey
✔️ Monthly meetings with top-tier successful inventors
Learn success secrets - from the best in the business

✔️ Monthly Q & A 'Office Hours' with Alan
Inventors get help with their challenges and questions

✔️ Access to a list of Trusted Resources for inventors
Membership gives you access to many resources

✔️ Access to a list of other members in the group
Share with and learn from the experiences of other inventors

Have a burning question? Here’s what others asked.

  I've tried other membership groups. What makes this one better?

Our membership group name - Inventors Helping Inventors - says it all.

We are committed to providing uniquely valuable resources for inventors that will grow in value - month by month. Having access to other inventors and trusted resources is very valuable.

Now you're not alone in the journey anymore!

  How will I make sure my IP will be safe - no one will steal my idea?

We will work to safeguard the IP of all members in two ways:

✔️ We urge members never to share anything that makes them uncomfortable.

✔️ We show inventors how to describe only benefits so no IP is disclosed.

This approach is - patent attorney approved - and has been used successfully in 15 monthly Inventors Bootcamps. 

  Why is paying $350 for my annual membership a good deal?

Well, you can decide for yourself, but here are my thoughts:

The IHI Membership Group is a small, but growing group of committed inventors - not 'tire kickers.' We are selective about our members. You have been invited to join us - we don't accept everyone.

Here are a few other thoughts to consider:

✔️ We plan to grow our membership to 100 and beyond over time
✔️ As our membership grows, the fee for membership will increase also
✔️ By joining now - you are locking in the lowest rate we are offering
✔️ Your membership cost will never increase as long as you remain a member

We look forward to having you join us as an Annual Member now!

  What happens if I decide to leave the group? Can I get a refund?

Like all our members, we want you to be happy and feel the IHI MG is serving you well. 

Annual members will receive a prorated refund if you choose to leave early. 

You can always email me at with any questions. 
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